We take digital measurements & make exploratory probes to maintain design integrity

Project Planning

Servicing the greater Dallas community for years, Hilltop Custom Builders, LLC is a comprehensive local provider of exquisite residential and commercial remodels, flawless new constructions, and seamless additions.

Focusing on quality and service, we want our customers to be happy with the work we do. No matter the size or complexity of the job, we always aim for complete satisfaction and delivering the kind of final results that drastically improve your Dallas property.

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Pre-construction meetings with the project team and specialty subcontractors

Our process creates a more accurate bid and avoids costly surprises after the project starts.

Passing the building review

Thanks to our longstanding relationships with building architects of many notable buildings, we are able to work with the design team to pass strict building reviews. Our assistance typically shortens the approval process by 30-60 days.

Page-turn review of project plans

We take an added step to ensure that the project team and subcontractors understand the design intent of each project. It is here that we address all issues of concern in order to generate more accurate shop drawings.

Fine tuning our accuracy

We take digital measurements and make exploratory probes to maintain design integrity while keeping the building intact.

Bench strength and know how

Post-construction and warranty services

We provide warranty and post construction services to our clients. Doing so ensures that every project looks and functions beautifully for years.

Systems Knowledge

Hilltop Custom Builders leads the industry in specialized knowledge of sophisticated systems. We understand how to integrate them into a renovation without compromising the architect's or designer's vision.

Beauty is Invisible

Hilltop Custom Builders addresses the unseen elements of fine construction to further distinguish the sophistication of our projects. The attention to details such as laser-level framing and tight mitres are consistent with our time-honored approach to building. Changes to building codes and regulations require that we continually update our practices to meet new standards in sound attenuation, waterproofing and fire stopping. We satisfy these complex requirements and make sure that no structural detail calls attention to itself.

Visual Presentation

Hilltop Custom Builders provides the most detailed mock-ups and shop drawings for a reason: We know how important it is to see the finished project accurately in order to make the right design decision. To finish, we prepare extensive material samples and 3-D renderings for a more complete sensory experience of the project's end.

Integration of Art and Craft

Hilltop Custom Builders gets the aesthetic intent of each project. Our management and key project staff have academic training in fine arts, architecture, engineering, and the building trades. In addition, all staff receives on-going training relevant to disciplines that inform our work.